Affiliate Disclosure

Based on our experience in the area of project management, programmes and PMO, we may provide links to a range of resources, including:






IT equipment

Sources of knowledge/reference sources

Anything else which The Real Life PM considers might be helpful to its audience

We may be financially or otherwise compensated (eg receive a free product) when you utilise one of these links and sign up for a service or product, or purchase a service or product.

We recommend products that we have used ourselves, consider to be project / programme or PMO standard texts, software or resources which we believe to be helpful for our audience.

Should you use an affiliate link it may provide you with:

  • an extended trial period
  • a discounted subscription
  • opportunity to purchase a recommended product eg a book
  • other bonuses and benefits relating to specific products and services not listed above.

Should you decide to purchase through a link there is no additional cost. Following your purchase you are bound by the seller’s terms and conditions and your transaction is directly with them.

It is important to consider carefully whether a product or service is right for you before making any purchase as it may not be suitable for you and where you are in your career / learning journey so always check with the terms and conditions of return/refund prior to purchasing if you find an item is not for you. In the case of books for example, libraries are free and you may be able to request and take out a book on the required subject through such a resource.

Any subsequent issues/complaints/refunds/returns must be pursued via the retailer/provider. We welcome you to join the Community where you can ask questions about recommended products or services and find out what the Real Life PM community thought about them or conduct other research before you make a purchase. Unfortunately we can take no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered if you purchase through an external third party link provided by us (although we would want to hear of any negative experiences so we can monitor appropriately).

Please note that we are a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program which is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to products which can be purchased through We may have affiliations with other providers eg software, training courses etc outside of Amazon. In all cases you will pay the going or discounted rate with the same or enhanced terms – it will not cost you more.